Elsa Cupcake Dress

The cupcake dress “cake” is a super popular design. You get to choose 3 flavours and your little girl gets to keep the tiara and the wand! It’s perfect! This particular weekend I have two of the exact same dresses ordered for two separate parties, so, yes I would say this is a popular design!

elsa cupcake dresses two

Yellow and Pink Glitter

yellow and pink

This yellow and pink buttercream cake has lots of beautiful pink glitter on it, the picture does not do it justice. Paired with 13 yummy cake pops this was the perfect little girls 3rd birthday cake.

Elegant Elsa


This gorgeous Elsa cake is as elegant and royal as the queen herself. With gold airbrushing and an edible Elsa image this cake would be adored by your little princess.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

tmnt 4x6

The cupcake and cake combination that you see here is becoming very popular, and you can see why, your child still gets to blow out candles and cut the cake but not everyone needs a plate and cupcakes are super portable. It’s a win-win!

Princess Cupcakes

Princess cupcake

Cupcakes are such a wonderful birthday cake substitute. They are so easy and portable. There is no cutting, no knives, and way less mess than with cakes. This style is becoming more and more popular.